Planacy and BrightAnalytics Enter a Strategic Partnership

”BrightAnalytics has developed a system that impresses both me and the market…”, says Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO at Planacy.

To strengthen their respective customer offers, Planacy and BrightAnalytics enter a strategic partnership. Together, they complement each other’s platforms and offer two seamlessly integrated softwares: BrightAnalytics offer an intuitive platform for consolidated financial reporting and management reporting, and Planacy one for data-driven financial planning.

“We are pleased to partner with Planacy to help our customers with more complex budgeting needs through a seamless two way-sync integration” says Lode Bogaert, co-founder of BrightAnalytics.

Planacy has grown substantially in recent years, establishing itself as the Scandinavian market’s leading platform for data-driven budgeting, forecasting, and planning. In turn, BrightAnalytics has gained great success around Europe with its platform. The Belgian company, which has recently expanded to Scandinavia with an office in Stockholm, shares Planacy’s vision of how customers should work with business management and are therefore creating an integrated product offer together.

”BrightAnalytics has developed a system that impresses both me and the market. With the same mindset and passion as Planacy, to facilitate more value-creating work as a best-of-breed, I look forward to the partnership with confidence”, says Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO at Planacy.

BrightAnalytics has a comprehensive range of connectors for business systems and integrated with Planacy, the customers’ finance and analysis department will also have an innovative, powerful, intuitive and coherent solution for budget, forecasting and planning.

”Budgeting is something that can be done differently at every company and knows various levels of complexity. A budgeting tool that handles complex budgeting is a product that stands on its own and we’re therefore very happy about the partnership with Planacy. Together, we can help customers with financial planning and consolidated reporting packages” Lode Bogaert states.

The past two years have brought a lot of challenges for many companies and businesses, which combined with an ever changing world has increased the need of quickly being able to compile and consolidate quality-assured data, and being able to create updated forecasts to make better and more proactive decisions.

”This partnership means that we create an unbeatable offer for companies that want to work more data-driven with financial planning, reporting and business management. It also means that Planacy, together with BrightAnalytics, is stepping into countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, which is exciting” Stenqvist Evegård concludes.

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More about Planacy

Planacy was founded in 2015 and is a Swedish SaaS company developed with the vision to simplify more data-driven and continuous work with financial planning.

By enabling more proactive and value-creating work with budget, forecasting and planning, Planacy contributes to better planned and more successful companies and businesses. With an innovative and powerful platform and well over 100 customers, Planacy has established itself as the market’s leading best-of-breed system for data-driven budget, forecasting and planning.

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More about BrightAnalytics

BrightAnalytics is an innovative SaaS company which was founded in 2014 in Belgium and develops an intuitive platform for financial and operational consolidation and reporting.

As of today, they have 500+ customers in more than 10 countries, 35 employees in Belgium and Sweden, as well as a yearly growth of close to 100%. With over 120 connectors to accounting-, business-, and CRM-systems they offer fast onboarding and constantly updated and reliable data for better analyses and decision making.