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Standard Books

The integration

BrightAnalytics connects to Standard Books and centralizes all your financial and operational data. The BrightAnalytics-platform automatically generates the most intuitive and visually strong dashboards and management reports, and provides instant insight into your business. You gain a 360° overview of the entire organization, allowing you to always keep your finger on the pulse and make quick and well-founded strategic decisions.

Discover our various reporting options:

And many more!

About Standard Books

Standard Books is a business software in Estonia created by Excellent. The software includes almost 30 modules to support the daily operations of a company, such as accounting, sales management, logistics, etc.

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Connecting valuable data

BrightAnalytics already connects with more than 150 applications, and is creating more all the time! Didn’t find your connector? Let us know and we’ll get right on it!

« BrightAnalytics est déjà mon outil préféré et n’ayant découvert que la partie émergée de l’iceberg, j’ai déjà hâte d’optimiser davantage nos rapports. »
– Johan Ehlinger, contrôleur de gestion du groupe
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