5 reasons why companies choose BrightAnalytics

First, we’d like to acknowledge the team at Exopen. Just like we did, they saw a problem in the market and built a solution for consolidated reporting.

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5 reasons why companies choose BrightAnalytics for their management reporting

1. Moving beyond Excel

Exopen alternative - in-depth analyses with BrightAnalytics

We all know that Excel is a great tool because of its flexibility when it comes to quick calculations. However, it is not built for management reporting. When the complexity in your organization increases or manual work becomes too much, you quickly run into the limits of Excel.

After all, it’s error-prone, version control becomes difficult (remember that file called “report_v7_Final_v2”), only one person can access the file at a given time, and you need a bunch of Excel wizards to maintain the file.

BrightAnalytics believes the future of reporting and consolidation (and yes, even budgeting) can be done in a world without Excel. In the cloud-based BrightAnalytics platform, you can consult your figures and dashboards in the views that you want – any place, any time. You can slice and dice the data to any dimension you would like to focus on. You can drill down to the lowest level of detail and even access your digital invoice.

2. An intuitive and user-friendly interface

Exopen alternative - Intuitive and user-friendly interface of BrightAnalytics

The feedback we receive from our wide customer base is that our tool is easy to use, for users with both a financial and a non-financial background. In only half a day’s training you can start using the platform.

Making changes to structure, mappings, dashboards, user access, etc. is easy. We put the keys in your hands, as opposed to the classic BI-tools where any changes have to be made by an internal or external specialist.

Don’t be fooled, a user-friendly product does not equate simple. The BrightAnalytics tool has been developed over the years to automate complex issues in just a few clicks.

BrightAnalytics allows you to ‘slice and dice’ zoom in on booking details and scanned invoices. When IC eliminations are not at zero, we offer an intercompany matching tool, where you can identify missing entries within seconds. The days of spending hours looking for errors in your accounting package are a thing of the past with BrightAnalytics.

3. Reliable and integrated

Exopen alternative - Automated health check by BrightAnalytics

BrightAnalytics ensures that the data on the platform is always 100% compatible with the source system (accounting, ERP or CRM package). This is done through a built-in health check, which ensures that there are no discrepancies between what is reported and what has been achieved. For example, if you create a new general ledger account in your software package, you will receive an email notification that it needs to be mapped to the correct P&L structure.

Did we mention that we connect to every system (both cloud-based and local)? At the moment, more than 100 integrations are available. If your software package is not on that list, we pride ourselves on being able to create the connector within days – that is exactly what we do.

BrightAnalytics synchronizes the data between your source system and the platform every night, so you you will always have the latest available data in front of you. In closing periods, you may even want to do this several times a day to check the final result based on the last bookings. Just hit “refresh”.

4. 360° reporting, accessible anytime at anyplace

Exopen alternative - 360° overview of the organization with BrightAnalytics

The pace of business will not slow down, quite the contrary. As such, it’s best to arm your business with the tools needed to make correct and quick strategic decisions, anywhere, anytime.

In addition to our financial module, the BrightAnalytics solution can also be expanded with cash flow forecasts and operational KPIs. This way you get a 360° overview of your organization. Our cash solution consists of client & customer aging on the one hand and cash forecasting on the other hand. In terms of operational KPIs, we can interface with ERP, CRM and time recording systems to gain insight into margins, top customers, sales funnels, billable hours, project information, etc., depending on the type of business.

5. Engagement

Exopen alternative - access control with BrightAnalytics

A cloud-based solution offers many advantages. Perhaps the biggest one is the commitment and ownership you create within your organization. With the BrightAnalytics platform, you can give access to multiple people and limit what they can see.

“BrightAnalytics est déjà mon outil préféré et n’ayant découvert que la partie émergée de l’iceberg, j’ai déjà hâte d’optimiser davantage nos rapports.”
– Johan Ehlinger, contrôleur de gestion du groupe
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  • Qu’est-ce que BrightAnalytics ?

    BrightAnalytics est la plateforme de rapports de gestion la plus intuitive, la plus fiable et la plus rapide qui soit, couvrant tous les besoins en matière de rapports de gestion et de consolidation.

  • Quels sont les modules de reporting proposés par BrightAnalytics ?

    BrightAnalytics, la plateforme de reporting de gestion, propose 3 modules de reporting différents. Le module de base couvre l’information financière et peut être complété par les modules de trésorerie et/ou d’information opérationnelle.

  • Comment fonctionne BrightAnalytics ?
    1. Connexion: BrightAnalytics se connecte aux systèmes de comptabilité, d’ERP et de CRM, centralisant ainsi toutes les données dans la plateforme BrightAnalytics.
    2. Rapport: Les modèles par défaut de BrightAnalytics sont d’entrée de gamme, mais ils peuvent également être personnalisés pour répondre aux besoins de chacun.
    3. Analyser: les rapports de gestion et les tableaux de bord offrent une multitude d’informations, permettant de visualiser immédiatement et clairement les chiffres de l’ensemble de l’organisation.
    4. Engagement: les rapports clairs permettent de mieux rationaliser la stratégie et l’exécution des activités, et garantissent la transparence au sein de l’entreprise.

  • Comment puis-je connecter BrightAnalytics à mon progiciel ?

    Cela ne peut se faire qu’après avoir contacté l’un de nos collègues chargés du suivi des clients. Ils font le lien entre le client et les analystes commerciaux, afin que la connexion de vos paquets se fasse sans heurts.